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Listen, share and embody.

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with Daman Hoffman

Sunday, June 25th 

7pm  $35

AETHER is immersive, transcendent, and can benefit the healing process. Participants will be bathed in vibrations of crystal singing bowls and gongs while in Savasana (resting on your back). These sounds resonate throughout the body and activate the energy centers as you drift into deeper states of consciousness. You can expect a dreamy, relaxing experience...a sound journey to cosmic realms beyond the worries of the times.

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The Wisdom Enneagram
with Holly Krepps

Saturday, January 28th 

9:00am & 2:00pm, $60/$45 ($90 for whole day)

The Wisdom Enneagram: Just another typology tool? Or an elegant, concise path to Self-Realization? Join Holly Krepps, Co-owner of Circle Yoga Shala and C-IAYT, E-RYT500

for a mini-workshop on the Wisdom Enneagram. Workshop includes a movement practice, lecture, experiential exercises, and Q&A session. Use the code WISDOM when signing up for part two and you will receive a $15 discount for the full day session.

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