Listen, share and embody.

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Community Class
with Lydia Ingraham

Saturday, June 4th

9:00am  | $5+

Community classes are a monthly offering for new teachers from our YTT programs to give back to the studio and share their beautiful gifts! Class styles will suit all levels of physical ability. Donations start at $5.


Chair Yoga
with Sarah Thomas Pilcher

Sunday, June 19th 

10:00am  $25

Join Sarah Thomas for Chair Yoga! This workshop is designed to help increase your balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina as well as decreasing stress, muscle tension and blood pressure. The first half of class is an active chair yoga sequence: improving strength, coordination and balance. The second half of class is a restorative meditation on the floor with use of props for stability.

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Star Seekers Club
with Star Foraging Astrology + Tarot

Friday,  June 10th

7:00-9:00pm | $15

Are you astro-curious? Do you enjoy using astrology apps on your phone, but have no idea what it all means? Or do you have a solid base of astrological understanding, but no one to talk to about it! Come join Star Seekers, a social club that meets monthly to chat astrology— from the fundamentals to the philosophies to the current astro weather! Meet like-minded astro-nerds understand the cycles of our world from a broader view. You can drop in every month, or sign up for a year’s membership! 

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with Daman Hoffman

Sunday, June 26th 

7:30pm  $25

AETHER is immersive, transcendent, and can benefit the healing process. Participants will be bathed in vibrations of crystal singing bowls and gongs while in Savasana (resting on your back). These sounds resonate throughout the body and activate the energy centers as you drift into deeper states of consciousness. You can expect a dreamy, relaxing experience...a sound journey to cosmic realms beyond the worries of the times.


with Stela Balaban

Saturday, June 18th 

Session 1 | 9:00am - 12:00pm  $55

Session 2 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm $45

Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom still relevant today, oftentimes called a sister science to Yoga. Everybody can bring Ayurvedic modalities into their lifestyle to improve health and wellbeing, without revolutionizing their entire life. To do that, one must begin to see themselves as an ever-changing, unique combination of the 5 elements. 


During the morning session, we will cover all you need to know about the origin of the 5 elements, their fundamental properties, and how to create harmony when one or more elements are out of balance.


During the afternoon session, you will learn a surprising way to determine your dominant element. All you will need is your breath. We will spend time learning how to sense the presence of the 5 elements inside the breath "body". This is a practice that you can continue on your own afterwards to deepen sensitivity and increase awareness of the subtle things.

Use the code ELEMENTS to receive $15 off both sessions. You must attend session 1 in order to come to session 2.