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Sand Dunes

Our PhilosophY

Yoga Sutra 1.2 | yogaś-citta-vr̥tti-nirodhaḥ
Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.


1.14 | sa tu dīrghakāla nairantarya satkāra-ādara-āsevito dr̥ḍhabhūmiḥ 

Perfection in practice comes when one continues to practice with sincerity and respect for a long period of time without any interruption.


We hope to create a space that offers more than the average yoga studio. We believe that true healing is multi-dimensional and unique according to each person. Yoga is a systematic approach to whole person wellness and transformation. Yoga includes but is not limited to the tangible body and breath, and promises radical change for the committed individual. We want Yoga to be expressed not only on the mat, but in every facet of our day to day lives. Every time we allow ourselves to move on the mat, we train ourselves to move through life in the same way. 

Our space offers a nurturing setting that allows the student to confront their innermost selves. Lasting change starts here. 

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