week nine

You are over 2 months into your new wellness journey, and that deserves a celebration (perhaps a mug of bone broth cocoa?)

You are now plugging along with your own nutrition plan (let us know how it's going on the FB page!) and experimenting with new tools for wellbeing and presence in the beautiful body you've been gifted. Take a moment right now to reflect and be proud!

This week you'll take a dive into your bathroom drawers and cabinets as you learn about personal care products, and stock up on essential supplements.

Week Nine Assignments:


  • Join us over Zoom on Tuesday at 12:30 (or send in your questions ahead of time and watch the replay!). The password is "reset"

  • Complete your Meditation & Movement Sessions

  • Watch the training video on Recommended Supplements

  • Use the macro guides for selecting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to create your meals for the week. We'd love for you to share what you're creating on our Facebook page!

Questions? Email us at info@sixthhousestudio.com​


week 9 documents