week seven

Week 7 is here, and your foundation is well set. You've gained fresh mindfulness around your health and body, and are steadily building long-lasting wellness habits. 

This week focuses on a cleanse for the body and mind! It is optional, and we'd love for you to reach out if you have concerns about starting. While cleansing you'll take a little breather from your strength training, with options to add in pilates and yoga sessions - listen to how your body feels!

In the spirit of releasing, meditation is also introduced this week. Claire has a getting-started video to orient you, and will continue to teach a variety of short meditations on your weekly schedule. She does encourage you to add it to your daily checklist if it works for you!

Week Seven Assignments:
  • Complete your daily habits checklist

  • Join us over Zoom on Tuesday at 12:30 (or send in your questions ahead of time and watch the replay!). The password is "reset"

  • Complete your meditation and movement sessions

  • Follow your cleanse week guide

  • Download and review the macro guides for meal prepping next week

Questions? Email us at info@sixthhousestudio.com​


week 7 documents