week six

We hope you've been feeling the difference that a little attention and self-love can make in your body. 

This week you have extra training to complete in preparation for next week's cleanse (reach out if you're not sure about taking this step yet). These videos will be available on the page Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are are available anytime to go back and watch.

On your movement calendar and workout guide, you'll notice a second calendar option for adding in extra strength training sessions, if you choose. You guys are rocking it!

Week Six Assignments:
  • Complete your daily habits checklist

  • Join us over Zoom on Tuesday at 12:30 (or send in your questions ahead of time and watch the replay!). The password is "reset"

  • Complete your 4 Movement sessions (including options for extra strength training)

  • Watch the 3 training videos, available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • Follow your meal plan and snack guide for week 6 

  • Prepare for cleanse week!

Questions? Email us at info@sixthhousestudio.com​


week 6 documents