prep week

Welcome to the unofficial first week of the course! We're honored you've chosen to take this step forward with us, and we want you to feel as prepared as possible before we begin. Below you'll find a welcome video from Claire and April (nice to meet you!). There are also two guides, one for movement and one for nutrition, which you should read through as soon as possible. They contain helpful tips to get ready, including a few things you'll want to stock in your pantry before we begin week one of meal prep.

If you're on Facebook, we'd love to add you to our members group! This is where we'll be doing weekly live Q+A sessions every Tuesday at 12:30 (don't worry, they'll be available here for you to view after too). Click the link below and make a request to join.

Prep Week Assignments:
  • Watch Welcome Videos

  • Read the Nutrition and Movement prep sheets

  • Look over the first meal plan so you can start shopping

  • Join the Facebook group

Questions? Email us at​

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